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Leather Good Repair Leather Good Repair

Wear and damage do not make your leather goods worthless. It just means that they need a little professional repair. Gus's Shoe Repair will make your leather goods look amazing.


Gus's Shoe Repair is an established business that's been around since 1977; we GUARANTEE all of our labors!

Professional leather goods repair service


  • Repair and replace zippers

  • Patching

  • Sew-on patches

  • Send jackets out for cleaning

For all your Leather concerns, please feel free to call us!


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Purses and briefcases

  • Reconditioning

  • Repair

  • Replace zippers

  • Sew patchwork on purses (depending the extent of the damage)

  • Hardware replacement

  • Refurbish purses and briefcases

  • Hasps replacement for briefcases


  • Shorten belts

  • Resizing of belts

  • Belt making (no tooling)

  • Custom belt dying

An owner-operated business